Between the Sheets Episode 1

We are excited to launch our new video series “Between The Sheets”. These videos are designed to give you an in-depth look at the printing process. We will cover topics such as the basics of printing, proofing, file prep, packaging and more. Our first video concentrates on proofing within InSite.

This video we will teach you how to annotate your files, approve/reject pages, download PDF /JPeg Proofs, using the densitometer to check color builds and more.

We hope you enjoy your time with CPC Between the Sheets!

Why Kodak?
Kodak is an industry leader in Prepress Portal Workflow.
It provides users with:

  • Ease of collaboration
  • HTML5 Based – Java free
  • Ensure right file in the right format
  • Provide brand owner state-of-the-art online proofing
  • Expand services to include package design management.
  • No cost of Hard Proofs

For more information click the following links:
PrePressPortal Unified Workflow

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