• How do I upload files to Insite?

    1. Click on InSite Uploads and Soft Proofing at the top right of the website.
    2. Enter Username XXXX_Client and password XXXX
    3. Click on the job number folder for your job. (this will be supplied by your Project Manager)
    4. Do not enter notes in the notes field.
    5. Click on Upload Files.
    6. A new window will appear and a security box will appear (click TRUST). Then in the new window where it says Upload Name, put in the job name.
    7. Drag your files or folder containing the files to upload into the window where it says Drag Your Files Here.
    8. Click UPLOAD and wait for it to finish and then click Close.
    9. A window should appear that details the transfer. Click close.
    10. You can log out by clicking the X in the upper right corner.