If you haven’t heard about our exciting new in-house options yet, get ready to be WOWED! These unique effects will transform your designs like magic!


It literally stands off the page, commanding your audience’s attention. Raised is highly glossy and produces a 3D effect that’ll have people interested right away. Think about using this coating on water droplets or bubbles or other small areas that you want to really play up.

Coarse Sandy

This highly textured coating is slightly glossy and rough to the touch. You could use it on an image to highlight an area that would have texture in real life or add it to only certain areas on a background flood of color to surprise your audience and keep them engaged.


Not as rough as our Coarse Sandy coating, but it will give your design a glossy finish with a texture that’s true to it’s name.

Stippled Matte

This is a finer version of Sandpaper with a matte finish. You might think about trying this one out on a glossy sheet to put the emphasis on the matte finish.

Rubber Feel

With it’s high gloss finish and non-adhesive, yet sticky feel, it’s the coating that grabs back. Think of using it on boots, tires, erasers or even certain foods to boost the tangible allure of your design.

Soft Feel

The name says it all. It’s like touching a fuzzy piece of velvet. Soft Feel is often used to cover an entire page, adding an upscale feeling, but applying it only on designated areas of your piece lets it show off a little more.

Metallic Gold Glitter

Go for the gold! Metallic Gold Glitter adds a layer of fine reflective gold dusting that’s capable of adding either elegance or fun to your design, depending on what your end goal is. Other than highlighting the expected, like metals or stars, think about using it to bring focus to your script or bold typefaces.

Metallic Silver Glitter

Silver doesn’t always mean second place. You’ll love how Metallic Silver Glitter makes all of your printed pieces look like winners! Maybe you could try it out on a gray area to prove that even when designing in neutrals, your projects always look outstanding.

Metallic Holographic Glitter

Just like our Gold and Silver Glitter options, this coating excites the eye with a multi-colorful shimmer. The ways you could implement this coating are only limited by your imagination, and really, how can any design be boring with some Metallic Holographic Glitter involved?


Sparkle makes your piece glisten. With it’s high-gloss, twinkling finish, we think it looks stunning when it’s used on bold areas of bright color against a matte background. This coating will really underscore the key elements of your design.

Gold Green Blue Color Travel

The colors shift around when you move the paper as if your design is alive. We recommend drawing from the inherent movement generated by Gold Green Blue Color Travel, and adding it to images of water or other elements of nature. Whether you use a little or a lot, it’ll definitely get noticed!


If you’re looking to add a little whimsy to your piece, Pearlescent could be just the thing for you!

Porous Stock

Porous Stock UV Coating is designed to pair with uncoated stock. It’s extremely lustrous and creates a dramatic contrast to really intensify specific elements of your design. We love the result of using nothing but Porous Stock coating on a colored background to showcase how well it handles the spotlight on it’s own.


When you’re looking for a way to keep it classic, you can’t go wrong with our conventional Gloss coating. It’s perfect for subtly helping the audience identify what the key elements of your design are.