CPCNeutek leads our industry in applying environmentally responsible practices and techniques in our unique commercial printing processes.

  • Our efforts go far beyond simple recycling or the use of vegetable-based inks and responsible paper choices.
  • Our environmental leadership includes systems that touch almost everything we produce.
  • We have made a commitment to follow responsible practices and stay in the forefront regarding these important matters.
  • We constantly seek out and implement effective methods to protect the environment, health of our employees, our facility, our community and our beautiful state and country.
  • We have, therefore, committed ourselves to leadership in the printing industry and our partner communities with regards to environmental stewardship and conservation.


LIGHTING: Working with Xcel Energy, We have replaced 261 metal halide mercury lamps with high bay fluorescent fixtures reducing our annual
kilowatt hours usage by 570,000

RECYCLING PAPER: We recycle over 90 tons of pre-consumer waste paper every month.

CARDBOARD: We recycle 100% of our cardboard packaging waste.

PALLETS: All broken and unusable pallets go to a compost facility.

ALUMINUM: We recycle 12 tons of aluminum plating material annually.

MAKE READY SAVINGS: We annually save 4 million sheets of paper and 8 tons of ink with our efficient make-ready process.

FINANCIAL COMMITMENT: We have invested over One million dollars into plant-wide environmental systems.

NO FILM OR CHEMICALS: For the past 10 years we have eliminated all film and film chemical processes.

PAPER CHOICES: We purchase all our house paper only from those vendors who practice sound forest management techniques. Our paper products come from managed tree farms through domestic sources. Our coated house sheet
is FSC certified.

NO PRESS CHECKS: We do not require press checks.

SHEETING TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS: We sheet our own rolled paper to efficiently use paper that is engineered to your project specifications reducing waste generation before it starts.

SOLVENT RECOVERY: We have invested in a solvent distillation and recovery program that has reduced the amount of liquid chemical waste to only 1200 gallons per year (down from nearly 10,000). This same system returns clean water back into the environment and recycles our solvents into our Heidelberg Speedmaster converter presses to be reused.

MAILHOUSE EFFICIENCY: We can label 30,000 post cards an hour with multiple image heads on our Print Pro Video Jet system. This system allows us to keep our customers’ mailing job completely in-house from printing to labeling to mailing thus saving valuable time and resources otherwise used in sending printed material to other mail management

PAPER COLLECTION: Our production area uses a central vacuum system and paper baling system that not only efficiently consolidates all paper waste for recycling but also filters harmful paper dust from the air making our production environment one of the cleanest in the industry.

VOLUNTARY ACTION: We voluntarily and without industry or governmental regulation build a future that is environmentally better than yesterday.

FSC Certification: ensures that forestry operations meet a set of environmental, social and economic criteria covering compliance with laws and international treaties, land-use and indigenous peoples’ rights, community relations, biodiversity conservation and maintenance of high conservation value forests, among other things. The area of FSC-certified forest lands has nearly doubled in the past three years to a total of 247,105,381 acres to date. This growth has opened up a burgeoning supply of certified wood products including lumber, paper, furniture and decking from responsibly managed forests. Increasing consumer interest in FSC-certified products ensures that forest operations have economicincentives to manage their lands responsibly.