Integrate all the benefits of print with the advantages of the internet. Over 42% of direct mail recipients prefer to respond online.* Are you there for them? Cross media marketing, using personalized URLs, is an effective way to instantly engage your audience and measure the results.

Personalized URL (PURL)

A PURL allows you to continue the conversation from the direct mail piece to the internet. PURLs are primarily used to gain more information, promote products, increase sales, work in tandem with direct mail, create a call to action and provide a clear online response channel.

Personalized landing pages are much more dynamic than the typical company website. They allow you to personally greet the respondent, understand their level of interest, gather/update contact information and pass them directly to the most relevant page on your site. Behind the scenes, a lead email is being sent to the assigned salesperson to follow-up and close the sale. The campaign data is being recorded and can be accessed through the dashboard.


General URL (GURL)

Every direct mail piece has a purpose and with it a call to action. If personalization isn’t in your marketing plan, consider a general URL (GURL). It has similar functionality of a PURL and is a great way to build a database or make it more relevant. They apply perfectly to static print jobs and other forms of media like newspapers, magazines, billboards, radio or TV.

Like PURLs, GURLs are easy to implement and can complement your current website on many levels. They allow you to capture and track information while measuring the results of that particular campaign.

What does this mean for you?

The more a company demonstrates that they know the prospect, the greater likelihood of success. Campaigns that utilize relevant graphics and text commonly see a 2-5 times lift in response rates.** We have seen ranges from 8.6% to 27%. It’s truly the next step in direct marketing.

  • Track response rates in real time
  • Dynamically change the message based on the user’s actions and responses
  • Forward the user to the most relevant page on your website based on their responses and/or predetermined criteria
  • Works independently of your existing IT infrastructure

*Direct Marketing Association
**PODi, The Digital Printing Initiative