With Digital Publications by CPCneutek you’ll be able to give life to your fully customizable publications. We will convert your “print ready” files to a dynamic, user friendly, page flipping publication.

digipubIt provides the visual familiarity and easy browsing of a printed magazine or brochure, while adding the type of interactive and data acquisition marketing that cannot be achieved by printed documentation.

  • Any document can be saved digitally and be made available to the general public and/or a specific targeted audience
  • Save money on print and postage that would more than compensate for cost of electronics
  • No download necessary therefore tremendous computing power is not required
  • Use in conjunction with hotlinks which allow immediate pass off to other websites or email addresses
  • Provide for immediate gratification in the event an article evokes interest
  • Embed flash content, including full video from specially targeted departments
  • Keyword search within each publication
  • Real-time statistical feedback